Spongy Box Toiletry


Toiletry bag

Picture this: the Jean and Batik Tailored Boxed Toiletry Bag is a stylish fusion of classic denim and intricate batik craftsmanship. The exterior showcases the timeless charm of denim, providing durability and a touch of casual elegance. Complementing this, the interior is adorned with batik fabric, adding a cultural and artistic flair to the design.

This boxed toiletry bag isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s designed for functionality. With carefully tailored compartments and pockets, it effortlessly organizes your essentials, from toothbrushes to skincare products. The secure zip closure ensures that your items stay neatly tucked away during travel or daily use.

Carry a piece of tradition and contemporary style wherever you go with this unique toiletry bag, where the rugged charm of denim meets the rich artistry of batik in a perfectly tailored package.

– Batik |Jean fabric
– blue in colour
– Made in Tanzania


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