Pipi Shoulder bag is made from high-quality, colorful ankara fabric, which is known for its bold and intricate patterns. The bag is  handcrafted, and it showcases the beauty of African craftsmanship. It usually comes in a variety of sizes, from compact and practical to larger tote styles.

The bag is equipped with sturdy shoulder straps, making it easy to carry comfortably on your shoulder. It typically features a secure zip or button closure and may have additional pockets and compartments for organizing your belongings. The interior lining is often made of a durable material to ensure longevity.

Ankara shoulder bags are not only fashionable but also versatile, suitable for everyday use or as an eye-catching accessory for special occasions. The vibrant colors and unique patterns of Ankara fabric add a touch of cultural richness and style to your outfit.


-Size: 17 by 20 cm

-Height of strap- 35.5 cm (non adjustable strap)


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