Mint Striped Outfit


A mint striped shirt paired with white shorts creates a fresh and summery two-piece outfit. The mint striped shirt typically features horizontal stripes in various shades of mint green, creating a visually appealing pattern.

The white shorts in this ensemble provide a clean and crisp contrast to the mint stripes. These shorts are often made from breathable materials like cotton or linen, making them ideal for warm weather. They may have a classic design with pockets and a tailored fit.

To complete the look, you can choose white sneakers or sandals for a cohesive appearance. Minimalistic accessories and sunglasses can add a touch of style to the outfit. This combination is perfect for a casual summer day or a relaxed outing with its refreshing color palette and comfortable design.

Patterned and designed summer outfit

.Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL
.Mint striped shirt
.White short
.Made in Tanzania

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